G100 and ACSI Conference 2017: Keynote - KPMG Australia
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G100 and ACSI Conference 2017: Keynote – Paul Druckman

G100 and ACSI Conference 2017: Keynote

Paul Druckman, Board Member, UK Financial Reporting Council and Chairman of the UK Corporate Reporting Council, provides the keynote address ‘Investing in the National Interest’.


Lead Partner, Better Business Reporting

KPMG Australia


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Key points

  • There is a loss of trust in Governments and global organisations.
  • There is a requirement for a longer term focus by capital markets.
  • <IR> can be a bridge for information flow between market participants.
  • The UK Government is focusing on rebuilding trust through Corporate Governance, Investor Stewardship and Strategic or Integrated Reporting.
  • Adopting a multi-capital model through <IR> can ensure company boards are focused on company health.

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