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G100 and ACSI Conference 2017: Highlights

G100 and ACSI Conference 2017: Highlights

Watch key moments of the Group of 100 and ACSI Conference on aligning the capitals market to 21st century needs with Integrated Reporting.


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John Stanhope, Chairman, Australian Business Reporting Leaders Forum, introduces the ACSI/G100 Conference: 'The opportunity: Aligning the Capital Market System for 21st Century needs'.

The conference highlighted the opportunity to use Integrated Reporting (<IR>) as a key enabler, that Australia has fallen behind other major capital markets in <IR> adoption, and that there is a need to fast track its adoption.

Stanhope introduces the keynote speaker, Paul Druckman, Board Member, UK Financial Reporting Council, and Chairman, Corporate Reporting Council.

Key points

  • There has been a breakdown in trust at the national, business and corporate levels.
  • There is a need for capital markets to respond by having a longer term horizon.
  • There is a need for leadership at many levels.
  • <IR> is a key part of the solution, and there is now significant global momentum for its adoption.

Druckman is followed by highlights of insights into <IR> shared by other speakers and panellists including: Gary Lennon, CFO, NAB; Janelle Hopkins, CFO, Australia Post; Jason Chang, CEO, EMR Capital; and Janelle Hopkins, Executive Committee, Group of 100.

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