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Agribusiness Agenda 2017: The Recipe for Action

Agribusiness Agenda 2017: The Recipe for Action

Focus on consumers of food is critical to the success of the agri-food sector.


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Agribusiness Agenda 2017 - The Recipe for Action

The success of the agri-food sector is dependent on individuals across the industry placing consumers at the centre of everything they do.
“There is a simple unavoidable truth: no customers means that there is no business,” says Ian Proudfoot, Global Head of Agribusiness at KPMG. “However, historically, we have placed the majority of our focus on maximising production.”

“When you are focused on the volume that you can produce, the government shapes your future as it sets the rules. However, as organisations pivot towards markets and consumers, the rules that shape the future are no longer determined by the domestic government but by much tougher masters, the consumers to whom they sell”.

The government is not responsible for securing the value lift. Although it can be an enabler, Proudfoot suggests that creating and capturing value falls on every person and organisation involved in the industry, including farmers, processors and exporters, industry good organisations, councils and service providers.

“Only by the whole industry seeking ways to work collaboratively will the pivot from a producer-focused, volume-based culture to a market-focused, value-based culture be achieved sufficiently quickly to capture the opportunities available to it.”

Proudfoot adds the biggest risk to success is complacency. “People don’t recognise the impact that structural changes in the Agri-Food sector globally, driven by innovation and consumer preferences, will have on our traditional markets. Some have the potential to literally vanish overnight, there is no place for any comfort or complacency.”  

What action do industry leaders want to take?

The Agenda features 110 action items that have been curated from more than 250 ideas provided by industry leaders. The ideas cover the need for a values-led framework for the industry, recruiting and training the best talent, rapidly deploying leading edge technology, exploring new business models, getting closer to customers, leveraging the best ideas in the world and telling authentic stories to all.

While maintaining world-class biosecurity remains the highest priority for industry leaders in the 2017 KPMG Agribusiness Leaders Survey, there were a number of notable movements in the survey results and themes from conversations with industry leaders.

Download the report

For more information, download a copy of Agribusiness Agenda 2017: The Recipe for Action (PDF 6.12MB)


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