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Tax Technology – now and the future

Tax Technology – now and the future

Tax is being vastly impacted by the Third Industrial Revolution, with even more dramatic changes to come with the Fourth. Robotics, automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will revolutionise the way tax operates, the expectations on tax functions, and what organisations do with the insights gained from this process.


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In KPMG' report, Technology in Tax: Embracing the now & thinking the future, KPMG’s Grant Wardell-Johnson, Leader Australian Tax Centre, Matt Herring, Head of Tax Technology & Innovation, David Linke, National Managing Partner, Tax, delve into the impact and potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on tax.

The paper explores areas including:

  • the evolution of technology to where we are now
  • the Third Industrial Revolution and how organisations are still coming to terms with the changes
  • the vast changes that robotics, automation, AI are set to bring to tax
  • business drivers of change and the shifting role of the tax function 
  • the evolving role of the tax professional
  • the new suite of technology approaches KPMG is taking with tax, and more.

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