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IoT Innovation Network Interview: Kevin Bloch, CTO, Cisco ANZ

IoT Interview: Kevin Bloch, CTO, Cisco ANZ

Piers Hogarth-Scott, KPMG Australia’s National IoT Practice Leader, interviews established and emerging players, drawn from the IoT ecosystem, with the aim of engaging, challenging and probing discussion with the true innovators of IoT in Australia.

Piers Hogarth-Scott

Partner, KPMG Digital Delta and National Leader, Internet of Things

KPMG Australia


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In this video, Piers Hogarth-Scott interviews Kevin Bloch, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco ANZ about the innovation he is seeing in IoT in Australia, the macro economic drivers, and the potential for IoT to transform all sectors across society, particularly in areas such as Smart Cities and agriculture.

Let's see what Kevin has to say.

"Cisco has been following this trend of the Internet of Things for over 10 years starting first of all at a purely technical level but in the last say 5-8 years we're seeing that it's gone right into the core of the business, where business leaders recognise the need to digitise. We've expanded our product portfolio from core networking going further and further out to the edge and essentially what we're doing is, I guess you could say in one line, securely connecting anything that can be digitised so Cisco is architecting an end-to-end IoT network to securely connect data from anything that can be digitised so that humans can benefit from what computers can do to help them improve whatever that process may be.

We're seeing an interesting both global and Australian phenomenon and that is people are recognising that technology isn't just doing what it did in the past in terms of IT. Technology is moving from that back-end data centre to really out into operations and the reason is that we are all recognising the need to digitise the world, to digitise the physical environment. The reason we recognise that is because if we can measure the physical environment, put that data into computers, not only can computers start doing that measurement but using artificial intelligence, machine learning and pattern recognition, we can start doing things that humans can't anymore.

Cisco has seen for some time that as IT develops and evolves we are not going to be able to do it ourselves and we have recognised, going back 3 or 4 years ago, that we need to really open the doors to other innovators be they big or small. We've deployed now nine innovation centres, some of which are in Australia. We have a centre in Sydney which is where I'm standing right now and another one in Perth.

I am particularly excited about it because, OK we saw the need 3 or 4 years ago but today what we're seeing is innovation that we'd never have thought of. Partnerships and relationships that we could never have envisaged and it is really now starting to gather momentum and we are starting to see solutions that are really a combination of our own platforms with partners innovations all coming together to really leverage this digitisation of the physical world that we live in."

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