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Employment Tax Data Analytics

Employment Tax Data Analytics

KPMG’s Employment Tax Data Analytics allows businesses to gain quantitative insights and visibility on the status of their employment tax obligations.


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How is data analytics disrupting the management of employment taxes?

Revenue authorities are constantly evolving their audit and compliance validation methodologies in line with the Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda. Data analytics and IT system reviews are leading to increased identification of errors in tax data. Our approach combines sophisticated data analysis with explorative testing to uncover potential compliance risks and financial opportunities.

KPMG's Employment Tax Data Analytics is designed to make this simple.

Questions to ask about your Employment Tax Data:

  • Have you contributed the correct amount of Superannuation Guarantee on behalf of workers?
  • Has payroll tax been accurately calculated and lodged in each state and territory?
  • Have you correctly determined whether workers are employees or contractors and applied the correct tax treatment?
  • Have you identified and captured all expenses that are relevant for the Fringe Benefits Tax return?

What insights can Employment Tax Data Analytics provide?

  • Superannuation Guarantee (SG): Identify risks of underpayments or overpayments of Superannuation Guarantee by analysing payroll code configuration of ‘ordinary time earnings’.
  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT): Test validity of manual data capturing for fringe benefits such as entertainment, subscriptions, taxi travel and study reimbursements.
  • Contractors: Identify contractor payments which are at high risk of employment tax shortfalls.
  • Payroll Tax (PRT): Verify that payroll tax has been calculated on the appropriate taxable wage items in each Australian state and territory.

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