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Discover the value in your tax data

Discover the value in your tax data

Using data analytics, organisations now have the opportunity to transform tax data into valuable insights. Imagine gaining the ability to interpret the enormous volumes of transactional data captured in your business systems, finding overpaid and under-claimed tax and uncovering hidden business opportunities.


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KPMG is helping organisations delve into their tax data, revealing both untapped opportunities and hidden risks. Early detection of such opportunities and risks can lead to financial return and support the tax function to become a key value add resource at the centre of business decision-making.

Our process

  1. KPMG’s data specialists work with your team to extract data from business systems.
  2. The data specialists cleanse, reconcile and load the data using KPMG proprietary data analytics tools.
  3. KPMG undertake exception testing, benchmarking and trending to report results, detect anomalies and visualise data.

Our suite of tax data analytic tools use market leading visualisation software allowing you to interrogate your data, validate exceptions and identify opportunities in a clear and concise manner.

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