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The digital bank of the future

The digital bank of the future

Today’s leading financial services companies are operating in a new and more complex environment; one where the fundamental definition of how customers experience and interact with a bank is being challenged and redefined, and leading companies face competition from a myriad of disruptors.


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Leading companies are also facing competition from a myriad of non-traditional providers and as we’ve seen, banks of all sizes have been burdened with increasing regulations and mounting demands for skilled resources. One bank executive summarised the environment best — we are operating in a marketplace under siege.

The goal for leading banks is twofold. First, to proactively capitalise on disruption by growing market share and increasing margin; and second, to vigorously protect high value segments and clients. Banks who are successful at both will create shareholder value and a long term competitive advantage.

While simple in concept, the path to implementation requires a keen understanding of digital disrupters and enablers, customer experience, and strategic value drivers such as:

  • The demographic shift
  • New technology
  • Unstructured data
  • Digital labour
  • New payments infrastructure
  • Cyber security and strategy
  • Digital identity
  • The sheer speed of change

Digital disruption will create winners and losers. Winners will be characterised as those with a clear strategic vision, an appetite for customer analytics and technology, and a stomach for volatile innovation returns.

This paper looks at these and other themes in order to provide insights into a successful digital strategy.

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