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Hypercat: Unlocking the value of the Internet of Things

Hypercat: Unlocking the value of the Internet of Things

In September 2016 KPMG hosted the launch of Hypercat in Australia with support from the Australian and British Governments as an Anglo-Australian collaboration in the Internet of Things and Smart Cities.


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According to Piers Hogarth-Scott, National IoT Practice Leader, KPMG Australia, “The formula for establishing a world-leading smart, IoT-enabled Australian economy that drives growth and prosperity involves industry and government working together in focused sectors including Smart Cities. The launch of Hypercat in Australia aims to unlock the benefits of Smart Cities by creating an interoperable IoT ecosystem that gives confidence to cities and local government.”

Justin Anderson, KPMG Director and founder of the Hypercat Alliance adds, “The goal of Hypercat is to accelerate the global explosion of the Internet of Things – by enabling connected devices and data to work together to improve how cities work, and how people live. In just a few years, Hypercat has already been applied to multi-million dollar Smart City projects including London and Bristol, attracted more than 1,000 industry members and gained support in 47 countries.”

Interoperability will help unlock the value of IoT

Interoperability allows IoT systems to easily exchange data and make use of that information. Without interoperability, IoT systems will be designed as vertical ‘silos’, which will limit innovation and lead to expensive vendor lock in.

An international standard for interoperability

PAS212:2016 was developed in collaboration with global standards development organisation British Standards Institution (BSI). This standard was purposefully designed as a robust, low-cost option with extensibility in mind, so it integrates easily with other solutions and could complement other emergent standards in the future.

Empowering collaboration across an open ecosystem

As well as ensuring systems can automatically discover data in other systems and exchange that data, the Hypercat standard also empowers organisations to collaborate and align their technologies and services to innovate and co-create new solutions. Hypercat presents the best opportunity to immediately accelerate collaborative IoT innovation.

Where is Hypercat used?

Hypercat has been used in a wide variety of urban and rural use cases from security on a campus to countryside lighting, highway maintenance, city parking, fleet management. A number of Australian cities, large and small, are now considering how they might use Hypercat in order to encourage interoperability in the city, avoid lock in and silo thinking.

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