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AgTech: Australia’s growth opportunity

AgTech: Australia’s growth opportunity

Within 50 years the world will have another 4 billion people, presenting a huge opportunity for Australia to harness agribusiness technology, or ‘AgTech’, and grow our share of the global food and agtech market. Australian farmers are already on the way – using drones, driverless tractors, tracking the movements of their livestock with wearable technology, and embracing big data analytics.


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In this episode of The Next Five Years with Bernard Salt, Salt looks at how Australia can play its part in feeding the world in a sustainable way. He is joined by Andrew Bulmer, Managing Director of Bulmer Farms, Ros Harvey, Founder and Managing Director of AgTech start-up The Yield, and Amanda Goddard, Associate Director, KPMG, as each brings a unique viewpoint to the debate.

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