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The changing nature of work

The changing nature of work

KPMG experts delve into the dynamic, fast-changing nature of work, exploring what organisations must do to rise to the immense challenges and thrive.

The dynamic future of work is here, so we look at how to rise to the immense challenges.

Now is the time for business as unusual

The future of work is well and truly here, with even more fast-paced, vigorous changes set to hit organisations in the years to come. Technology, disruption, connectedness, globalisation, volatile economies, and vast employee and consumer demands are just a handful of the forces driving upheaval.

In this dynamic terrain, traditional hierarchies are upturned, humans and machines work together, unheard of jobs will arise, continual up-skilling is essential, the war for talent is fierce, and workforces are increasingly cross-generational. Where and how people work is completely mobile.

Companies that fail to dramatically shift their strategy to suit this new world order risk irrelevance.

Organisations need to prepare for the impact on their people and sustainability. They must rethink how to be productive through change, how to develop optimal human and machine workforces, and instil the right leadership approaches to steer their teams, companies and industries successfully into the sphere.

In this special KPMG series, we get to the core of productivity, relevance and leadership, unearthing how companies can flourish in this perplexing yet opportunity-filled future.

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