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Rise of Robojobs: The future world of work

Rise of Robojobs: The future world of work

Over the first 16 years of the 21st century Australia lifted employment by 3 million jobs and reduced unemployment from 6.3 percent to 5.7 percent. Concerns that automation is making workers redundant and that globalisation is offshoring jobs are not being borne out by the figures.


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In this episode of The Next Five Years with Bernard Salt on Sky News, KPMG Partner Bernard Salt delves into how our workforce is changing and what the future of employment looks like for Australians. Joined by Dr Hugh Bradlow, Chief Scientist at Telstra, Lisa Barry, KPMG People & Change Partner, and Dr Simon Longstaff, Director at The Ethics Centre Sydney we look into why some job sectors have been hit hard by automation while others continue to spit out new jobs to get a better picture of the next five years.

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