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Operating in the most changeable consumer culture on earth

Operating in the most changeable consumer culture

Australia’s prosperity and migrant influences have delivered the most changeable and absorbent consumer culture on earth, says KPMG Partner Bernard Salt, and that means retailing is harder and more dynamic than anywhere else.


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In this episode of The Next Five Years with Bernard Salt on Sky News, he tackles the rise and fall of contemporary and cast-off consumer trends, then peers into the crystal ball to define future fads. Joined by Erica Berchtold, ‎Managing Director, Rebel and Amart Sports, Anna McPhee, ‎Chief Executive Officer, Retail Council, and Trent Duvall, Consumer Markets Sector Leader at KPMG, Salt delves into how Australians’ palate for palatial pastiche and international influences has come to define our behaviours in the market.

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