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A sustainable water future with KPMG – A video journey

A sustainable water future

In 2016 the UN identified access to water and sanitation as a key sustainable development goal that is critical for ongoing success of humanity. Global population growth will only increase the demand on this precious resource. How do we prepare for a more sustainable future for our warter resources?


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Water is recognised as one of the most precious commodities in the world, yet as a commodity is it valued accordingly?

We all know that life requires access to water in order to survive, but what will happen when the demand for water increases exponentially? It is predicted that by 2050 our global population is expected to boom to over 10 billion people. With such an increased demand for water, it is hard to comprehend what this means for the future of water on this planet.

Thankfully the United Nations have taken a step towards preservation and in 2016 identified access to water and sanitation as one of its 15 a key sustainable development goals to achieve a better future for our society. As a global community it is integral that we acknowledge the importance of access to water and sanitation as a basic human right, and act accordingly.

At KPMG we are working to develop a sustainable future for the water sector from an environmental, social and corporate lens. In the past few years KPMG has materially increased our presence in the water sector through frequent with the industry, our clients and the broader community.

The water sector is important to KPMG and we will continue to work towards a sustainable water future, not only for Australia, but around the world.

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