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Public sector data analytics – challenges and opportunities

Public sector data analytics challenges/opportunities

Adrian Turner, CEO of Data61 discusses how data analytics can support the public sector to deliver new citizen services, make more data-driven decisions and improve operational efficiency.


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Governments and the public sector are starting to use data and analytics (D&A) to drive value for the citizens but still face many challenges.

In this video interview, Adrian Turner, CEO of Data61 – Australia’s leading digital research network – discusses some of the key obstacles and opportunities.


  • Quality and accessibility of data.
  • Developing and maintaining trust in the D&A.
  • Talent and skills shortages.


“We see trust as a major issue and an enabler… and going forward we’ll see an even greater emphasis on trust.”

Key success factors

  • Leadership – senior sponsorship within the agency.
  • Be clear about the scope – what’s the problem to be addressed?
  • Agile methodology – start small and experiment.

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