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See audit risks in a new light: Dynamic Risk Assessment

See audit risks in a new light

Focusing on systemic business risks, Dynamic Risk Assessment helps produce better audit evidence, reveals new insights and enhances audit quality.



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Economic volatility is the norm, and the past is no longer an indicator of things to come. Disparate events can become inextricably linked, making assessing risk exposure especially difficult. Risk is unpredictable and contagious, connected globally within complex organisational structures.

Understanding an organisation’s risk interrelationships can be significantly improved if we find a way to reveal potential risk contagion.

Looking beyond traditional risk assessments based on likelihood and severity, KPMG’s Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) applies network theory and leverages advanced data and analytics to identify, connect and visualise risk. Combining the latest in applied science with insights from management and extensive benchmarking, we can reveal critical risk clusters likely to impact your business. By exposing the expected contagion effects between global and enterprise risks, we highlight the genuinely significant threats.

Pioneered by KPMG’s leading data scientists, mathematicians and economists, KPMG’s Dynamic Risk Assessment delivers unprecedented insight – pinpointing the most central risks and shedding new light on the effectiveness of controls.

KPMG making sense of risk in an interconnected world.

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