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Motor Industry Services Alert

Motor Industry Services Alert

What are the top performing dealerships consistently doing to achieve best practice status and how do they grow and improve their operations in tough times?


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The Motor Industry Services team help dealer principals and general managers to uncover opportunities to achieve best practice in their dealerships. Our monthly alerts share knowledge and discuss current issues and changes within the motor services sector.

Current edition – October 2018

Navigating the coming storm

The retail motor industry is currently facing a large number of challenges. What average dealers see as challenges or issues, the best dealers see as opportunities.

In our October edition – Navigating the coming storm (PDF 404KB) we discuss the biggest challenges currently facing the motor industry – and provides insight as to how to prepare and navigate these changes. We discuss:

  • flex to fixed commissions
  • motor industry consolidation
  • regulatory pressures on parallel imports
  • electric and autonomous vehicles.

How dealers respond to these changes will be crucial to their future success. KPMG outlines some short and long term strategies for consideration to navigate the coming storm.

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