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Introduction to KPMG’s Economics team

KPMG’s Economics team

When policy changes occur locally, or major events happen globally, the KPMG Economics team are ready to offer their deep insight into repercussions for the national, state or regional economies.


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In this short video, Brendan Rynne, Partner and Chief Economist, KPMG, shares how the KPMG Economics professionals can make sense of a rapidly changing environment to help decision making, planning and outcomes.

The KPMG Economics practice comprises a range of professionals, predominantly macroeconomists, and the work we do is look at the impact of a change – be that a policy change, the introduction of a program or a new investment – on either a state or national or regional economy.

We are often asked, for example, what the impact of a change in the company tax rate will do to the Australian economy, to the Commonwealth budget, and whether or not that is a good thing to do from a policy perspective.

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