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IFRS app: Quick Guide into IFRS

IFRS app: Quick Guide into IFRS

KPMG's Quick Guide into IFRS app provides a summary of KPMG Insights in the palm of your hands. The app delivers quick access to KPMG guidance on a wide range of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) topics, helping to make more informed accounting decisions.


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IFRS app – Quick Guide into IFRS

IFRS app features

  • A digital summary of KPMG Insights into IFRS, including search functionality
  • Intuitive decision trees on specific accounting topics to help apply IFRS for particular situations, including revenue recognition, lease modifications, embedded derivatives, fair value measurement and more
  • A digital glossary into common IFRS terminology
  • Links to other information and publications such as the new IFRS 15 and IFRS 16 accounting standards
  • Smartphone, Android and iPad compatibility.

Download the app

Free to download, the app is currently available to download in the App Store for both iPhone, iPad and Google Play for Android devices.

Search for ‘Quick Guide into IFRS’ or directly follow the links below.


If you have any questions on the app or any IFRS-related topics, contact Andrew King or Victoria Hickey.

Insights into IFRS publication image: picture of Insights into IFRS hardback books

IFRS – Our latest thinking

IFRS – Our latest thinking

Insights into IFRS 13th Edition 2016/17 provides a practical guide to IFRS.


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