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Sales effectiveness for a complex world

Sales effectiveness for a complex world

There are many reasons why sales functions can falter and sales figures can stall, and solving the challenge takes an equally diverse approach.

Duncan Murcott

Director, Customer, Brand & Marketing Advisory

KPMG Australia


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The challenge of evolving markets, industry disruption and a focus on metrics over customers are just some of the ways an organisation’s sales function can begin to underperform on its core purpose – to make sales.

The key is for organisations to understand this environment so they can better empower their sales teams to improve customer experiences. However, all of this activity means it can be difficult to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, and to work out how and where to make improvements.

Issues faced by companies (chart)

In this factsheet, Sales effectiveness for a complex world, we introduce KPMG’s approach to identifying issues in the sales processes, and how organisations can gain the insight they need to improve this vital function. It explores why customers must be at the core of every decision, how to focus on key priority areas, and the benefits this focus can bring to revenue.

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