Across the Board – August 2016 - KPMG Australia
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Across the Board – August 2016

Across the Board – August 2016

This edition looks at Australia's looming productivity crisis, including the challenges and opportunities ahead. We also explore how companies and boards can prepare for the new auditor reporting requirements, and ways in which the board can guide the company through a customer-centric transformation.


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In this edition:

  • Confronting Australia’s looming productivity crisis: There are eight key government agenda areas that could help us resolve our looming productivity crisis - and board members need to both buy in and prepare for change.
  • Leading the way to a customer-centric future: With new technology, regulatory policies, customer behaviour and globalisation all impacting businesses, boards have an opportunity to guide transformation, ensuring customer value is at the core.
  • Building a great board: Aligning boardroom talent with the company’s strategy is a key driver of many boards’ increasing focus on board composition and succession planning today.
  • Opening up to corporate debt financing alternatives: Looking beyond traditional debt financing avenues.
  • A new way forward: Upcoming enhancements to auditor reporting in Australia is set to provide greater transparency. This marks a good time for boards to assess how audit committees, management and investors can prepare for the changes.
  • The Directors’ Toolkit: The toolkit provides company directors with a unique experience where they can navigate through questions they should ask, and a list of ‘red flags’ that may impact company performance.

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