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R&D Edge – powering your innovations for tomorrow

R&D Edge: powering your innovations for tomorrow

Tim Winzar, R&D Specialist, showcases the benefits of KPMG's new end-to-end cloud based software, R&D Edge.


Director, Tax Technology & Innovation

KPMG Australia


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Technology is altering the way people do business and it is transforming the way all companies manage their tax affairs. R&D Edge is an end-to-end cloud based software as a service (SaaS) that KPMG has developed to assist in achieving better R&D outcomes for its clients through the use of technology.

R&D Edge provides an intuitive solution to guide companies through the often complex R&D Tax Incentive claim process. R&D Edge makes the entire claims process easier and more robust in the event of regulator review. It has been developed to be a streamlined, collaborative system, however companies still receive the full support of KPMG's expert advice in collaboration with R&D Edge.

R&D Edge gives CFOs, Managing Directors, Tax Managers and other senior stakeholders greater transparency of the R&D Tax Incentive process through a series of intuitive dashboards. The dashboards have been designed so that with a quick glance you can see how your company’s R&D Tax claim is progressing – as well as any road blocks that have been identified.

The solution also provides directed workflow for finance staff, R&D project managers and their staff through a series of notification emails and task lists. Users are able to easily navigate to outstanding tasks which are only related to them. At its core, R&D Edge has been designed to be an easy, hassle free exercise which is simple and streamlined.

R&D Edge is a solution that will make the R&D tax claim process more transparent and robust from a regulatory point of view as well as provide the security of having all the information in a central cloud based solution.

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration, contact KPMG.

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