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Everything IoT – Foundations for Smart Cities Forum

Everything IoT – Foundations for Smart Cities Forum

There is potential for cities to become dramatically more liveable, workable and sustainable by 2040. Within 25 years, road systems without traffic lights are highly probable and the Internet of Things (IoT) will have led to better garbage collection as well as more closely monitored and improved food and water supplies, and better air quality. Yet Australia is lagging behind many nations in this space.


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In May 2016, KPMG sponsored the Everything IoT Smart Cities Forum held at BlueChilli, Sydney. KPMG Director, Digital and IoT Consulting, Piers Hogarth-Scott joined an expert panel on the future of Smart Cities in Australia, moderated by Eitan Bienstock, Founder of Everything IoT and Managing Partner, Propeller Venture Capital.

In this report, we highlight the major issues raised by the expert panel and keynote speakers, including the interplay of government and private enterprise in the successful implementation of new technology.

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