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Disrupting the M&A paradigm

Disrupting the M&A paradigm

Australian corporates face continued low domestic growth prospects amid a new world order. The answer isn’t M&A as we know it.


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The M&A story in Australia is increasingly one of alliances and joint ventures rather than traditional mergers and acquisitions. As domestic market growth in traditional core lines of business slows, organisations are looking for growth opportunities, although many remain averse to taking on more risk.

This article, Disrupting the M&A paradigm, explores the varying ways businesses are looking for growth opportunities: whether that be collaborating with overseas counterparts to expand beyond their borders, or by making an audacious shift away from traditional acquisitions in an innovation play. It covers: 

  • Pursuing strategic partnerships that limit risk when moving into new markets
  • Getting innovative and responding to the wealth of opportunities and challenges thrown up by a new digital reality
  • Deciding the best route of action following a merger to create value through the lifecycle of the business.

There are early adopters and late adopters but the idea of disruptive M&A, and the focus on innovation, is permeating its way right through to some reasonably conservative industries. They either can embrace it, acquire technology and be a part of that story, or get impacted by it.

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