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China's private investor

China's private investor

While Asian countries are generally keen to tap into growth opportunities in Australia – not least Japan – it is China’s private investor that dominates the inbound deals.


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A few years back, Chinese investors into Australia were well known for the most part. They tended to be state owned enterprises (SOEs), keen to invest in the energy and resources sectors.

No longer is this the case. Over the past 24 months there has been a notable swing towards the private investor who may hail from any number of Chinese cities and has a penchant for a wide range of businesses.

This article, China’s private investor, explores those keen to tap into growth opportunities in Australia. It covers:

  • the unpredictability of China’s investor base making it difficult to gauge who will invest next
  • why Australia is so appealing for Chinese foreign direct investment
  • significant tax issues that inbound investors need to be mindful of when investing in Australian opportunities
  • notable outcomes of the free trade agreement (ChAFTA) between Australia and China.

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