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Organisations’ cultural assessment and transformation

Organisations’ cultural assessment and transformation

Organisations have begun to reflect on the culture and sub-cultures of their organisations. They are intent on assessing whether issues exist, their underlying causes and what actions could be taken to either change or enrich their organisational culture.


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Organisations need to tackle the issue of culture in its broadest sense to effect lasting change. While conduct risk and risk management are critical factors – and gain significant attention from regulators, boards and management – they are not enough in themselves.

This article, Organisations’ cultural assessment and transformation, explores taking a more holistic approach, understanding and addressing an organisation’s core strengths and weaknesses as regards leadership, individual beliefs and other organisational mechanisms, and associated operationalisation, so a genuine transformation can occur.

  • The balancing act between between important stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, society, and their own organisation.
  • Considering culture – indicators that point to positive (or poor) culture, conducting a cultural diagnostic, and modelling good behaviour.
  • Developing skills and approach necessary to build a case for change and tackling the challenge.

While cultural change is a challenging undertaking, it is an essential element in an organisation’s long-term sustainability.

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