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Demand-driven supply chain 2.0: a direct link to profitability

Demand-driven supply chain 2.0

Fuelled by the fast pace of technology, customer demands are becoming more extreme by the day.

A look at how rising customer expectations are driving a new approach to the supply chain.

KPMG’s report, Demand-driven supply chain 2.0 – a direct link to profitability, looks at how rising customer expectations are driving a new approach to the supply chain, based upon increased flexibility and agility. In this climate, it’s little surprise that the second biggest priority for Global CEOs over the next 3 years is to build a stronger client focus.

There is growing evidence of the link between customer experience and profitable growth, but many senior executives feel that one of the biggest threats to growth is a supply chain that fails to deliver. The report points out that the supply chain is often isolated from customer-facing parts of the business, however companies should strive to integrate all their functions towards a common cause: customer satisfaction, experience and value. This is very much in line with the views of senior executives, who say that ‘aligning supply chain to corporate strategy’ is their joint top priority.

Every company is at its own stage in the journey towards a demand-driven supply chain 2.0. The examples in this paper show how some of the better practitioners are gaining essential competitive advantage, by recognising the holistic and technologically advanced nature of tomorrow’s supply chains.

This report examines how companies can provide an improved customer experience and outpace the competition by upgrading to a demand-driven, responsive supply chain that meets customers’ needs. It outlines steps to help companies achieve a new level of customer responsiveness.

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