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Defence Innovation Redesigned: Report

Defence Innovation Redesigned: Report

The 2016 Defence White Paper signposts a complete redesign of the relationship between Defence and businesses that operate in the defence industry. KPMG provides actions and analysis for export-orientated and innovation-led Australian defence industry.

Mike Kalms

Partner in Charge, Operations Advisory

KPMG Australia


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An integrated approach

The shift from the Defence Capability Plan to a new Integrated Investment Plan that encompasses capital equipment plus supporting infrastructure is a major change. Companies will have to collaborate like never before to deliver not only their specific product or service, but the overall system on time and on budget. 

Traditional and new capabilities

Traditional and new capabilities chart

New support

Increased funding along with the streamlining of some 35 disparate Defence support programs into two new structures (The Centre for Defence Industry Capability and Defence Innovation Hub) will drive innovation. Companies used to the previous programs will have to move quickly to understand the new structures, while preparing for new market entrants attracted by the increased funding. 

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