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Tax Reform

Tax Reform

KPMG is providing active analysis and insight to contribute to Australia's tax reform process.

KPMG's analysis and insight on Australia's tax reform process.

To build a strong economy for the future, we need to think beyond today. To create a tax system for a more competitive Australia. A trusted system designed to encourage growth and innovation. By bringing new ideas, and inspiring brave thinking and confidence about what our tax system could be, we're thinking beyond today.

KPMG welcomed the opportunity to comment on Re:think, the government's tax discussion paper released in March 2015. Our submission, Tax Reform: KPMG’s submission to Treasury, calls for a fundamental change and includes over 60 recommendations, many of which are far-reaching. They go a long way to helping shape the Australia we want in 2030.

Discover our latest thinking on tax reform here and join the conversation.

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