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Lifting the lid on cyber risk

Lifting the lid on cyber risk

Cyber criminals are increasingly focused on information. They will be eyeing what data you have, what it’s worth and how they can extract it. It’s important to understand that mentality so you can better protect against potential attacks. It’s equally important that everyone takes ownership of cyber security.


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Cyber security is not an IT problem. Whilst IT is a key component of any solution, it is a strategic risk issue that should be considered from the board level down. It has to be tackled with a ‘Tone from the Top’ approach.

Stan Gallo from KPMG Forensic and former Queensland detective, has seen all manner of nefarious activity from both sides.

At KPMG's Risk Leader's Roundtable, he shared five key insights into emerging threats of the evolving risk environment and how to manage them.

Key specific threats to be aware of:

  • ransomware
  • email breaches
  • denial of service attacks
  • simplicity in attack
  • social engineering.

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