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Digital Business – Enabling the Digital Enterprise

Digital Business – Enabling the Digital Enterprise

Digital technologies are rapidly changing the way that companies create and deliver value to their customers. Over the past five years, digital disruptors have all but destroyed some businesses and this pace of disruption is accelerating.


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Survey key findings

  • Two-thirds of CIOs see digital as genuinely disruptive.
  • Most companies expect disruption now or within the next two years.
  • Only 27 percent of respondents have an enterprise-wide digital strategy.

KPMG research has revealed four pillars for digital success:
  • clear vision and strategy that incorporates digital
  • an impassioned and committed CEO to drive execution of the strategy across and down the entire organisation
  • an innovative and nimble culture willing to take the right risks and
  • the ability to move at a much faster pace, with a digitally proficient workforce.

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