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Developing a common framework for disclosing tax information

Developing common framework for disclosing tax info

There can be little doubt that the debate around greater tax transparency by companies is becoming increasingly prominent. There are a growing number of calls from various parts of civil society for companies to be transparent about where they operate around the globe, where they make their profits, where they pay their taxes and how much tax they pay.


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At the same time there are an increasing number of regimes with different scopes, which require different levels of tax disclosures by companies, some to the public and some to tax authorities.

This report explores KPMG’s perspective on tax transparency and summarises the key themes around a framework for disclosing tax information.

Key insights

Common themes which could provide a framework for tax disclosures:

  • Strategy/policy and approach to tax
  • Tax risk governance
  • Business model
  • Tax contribution
  • Specific information in relation to material issues.

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