Cyber security insights

Cyber security insights

The right approach to cyber security enables an organisation to embrace change, seek out new markets, and invest in transformational opportunities.

The right approach to cyber security can result in transformational opportunities.

Freedom through cyber security

The last 10 years have seen a rapid emergence of new technology, greater connectivity, and the explosion of digital, social and mobile channels.

Customers are increasingly demanding 24/7 access to goods and services – driving commercial and government consumers and citizens online. The concept of the traditional customer is also being challenged as internet penetration increases in other geographic locations. What was once the domain of a select few in a physical location can now be accessed by anyone, from anywhere.

A new paradigm for achieving growth has emerged as organisations sharpen their focus on customer-centricity and a client experience based on genuine customer insight. Moving further into the digital world has become a core strategic imperative for corporates and governments alike.

The fear factor

However, many organisations are struggling to achieve their online aspirations without feeling exposed to cyber security risk. It is not surprising that cyber risk has moved up the corporate agenda to one of the top three concerns of boards and management.

The same is true in a government context. There is a move to transform service delivery to citizens, drive productivity and leverage more online services. Consequently, cyber security risk is a very real and omnipresent concern.

A recent spate of cyber breaches at major corporations has done little to allay organisations’ fears. These breaches highlight the increasing sophistication, stealth and persistence of cyber attacks, whether they come from nation-states, organised crime, hacktivists or, from within.

Taking a positive approach

While these threats appear insurmountable, we believe organisations can positively manage cyber risk.

Successful organisations are ones that embrace change, seek out new markets, and invest in transformational opportunities. Having the right approach to cyber security enables an organisation to do this with confidence.

How we can help

At KPMG, we can help clients to prepare for, protect against, detect and respond to breaches, cyber-attacks and cyber-crime. Far from a pure technical fix, we focus on an integrated approach that embeds cyber risk into all our clients’ activities.

We understand that the issue goes beyond technology – cyber risk needs to be addressed as a business issue. At the heart of our offering is an intelligence-led cyber security framework. We help our clients to implement the building blocks for a resilient cyber security program.

By helping our clients to build strong foundations, we enable organisations to move beyond fear and uncertainty, to a position where they are free to pursue new opportunities.

At KPMG, we believe cyber security is about what you can do – not what you can’t.

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