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Cyber attacks: Ready to turn risk into advantage?

Cyber attacks: Ready to turn risk into advantage?

Cyber attacks are no longer a matter of if, but when. Cyber security is not just about adding restricting controls. For us, it’s about creating freedom – the freedom to respond to opportunities, enter new markets, and adapt to changing conditions with the confidence that you digital environment is secure.


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Preparation is key, you need to understand your business drivers, your threat environment and the regulatory landscape in which you do business. From identity and access management, governance, risk assessment, through to incident response and business resilience.

By monitoring your environment and performing routine analysis, you can detect existing attacks, allowing you to plan the most appropriate response. Implementing a robust response plan and testing it helps you to react promptly to threats, so you can protect your data and your reputation. 

At KPMG we seek to inspire confidence, empower change, and help our clients make better decisions. We understand that successful organisations are those that embrace change, seek out new markets, and invest in transformational opportunities. KPMG has developed an integrated approach to cyber security risk management, designed to help you turn risk to advantage. We will help you prepare, protect, detect and respond to cyber-attacks.

By managing risk and opportunity, we’re helping businesses and governments move beyond uncertainty to a position of strategic advantage. We believe cyber security is about what you can do, not what you can’t.

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