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KPMG’s response to the Treasurer on the FSI Final Report

KPMG’s response to the Treasurer on FSI Final Report

KPMG welcomed the opportunity to make a submission on the recommendations set out in the FSI Final Report as part of the Government’s consultation on the Inquiry’s recommendations.


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Our submission outlined KPMG’s views on a number of recommendations, including those regarding:

  • Resilience: Capital levels, narrowing mortgage risk weight differences, loss absorbing and recapitalisation capacity, crisis management, and leverage ratio.
  • Superannuation and retirement income: The objectives of the superannuation system, and the retirement phase of superannuation.
  • Innovation: Collaboration to enable innovation, digital identity, crowdfunding and comprehensive credit reporting.
  • Consumer outcomes: Strengthening product issuer and distributor accountability.
  • Regulatory system: Strengthening regulator accountability and competition in the financial system, compliance costs and policy processes, updating the Cyber Security Strategy and rationalisation of legacy products.

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