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Forensic Digital Fact Finding

Forensic Digital Fact Finding

Given the explosive growth of electronic data organisations produce today, the need for proper handling of relevant data supporting litigation and investigations has never been greater.

Martin Dougall

Partner in Charge, Forensic

KPMG Australia


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Boards worry about the three Rs: Risk, Regulation and Reputation. Most organisations want to avoid learning the hard way and want to understand:

  • how to minimise risks in gathering key information
  • how to plan and execute their digital fact finding in a regulatory defensible manner
  • above all, protect their reputation.

Are you one of those organisations?

How we turn risk into advantage

Cyber-incidents are more regularly becoming front-page news, and many large and small organisations have been caught off-guard when customer password lists and other private or IP sensitive information has been leaked online.

Failure to respond quickly to an incident can lead to increased risk, regulatory sanctions, financial losses and reputational damage.

Good quality digital fact finding is critical. Success may depend on the exact time a (cyber) act was recorded in log files, an email was received or a mobile phone text message sent. Moreover, this digital information can provide the smoking gun evidence and sometimes the only evidence of improper, malicious and criminal behaviour.

We can:

  • locate the evidence if you’ve suffered a fraud
  • analyse large datasets to find events of non-compliance or for regulatory queries
  • respond to cyber attacks
  • manage information efficiently in litigation
  • find out what IP has been taken, by whom, when and how.

Successfully following the digital evidence trail

This factsheet outlines the risks associated with electronic data, and discusses what KPMG can do to help organisations avoid expensive mistakes.

It highlights:

  • how digital risks can be turned into advantage
  • what sets us apart
  • examples of how we have helped others.

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