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Demystifying Chinese Investment: Chinese Investors in Australia Survey

Chinese Investors in Australia Survey

Research by KPMG and The University of Sydney China Studies Centre indicates continuing strong investment interest amongst Chinese investors in Australia but that investments destinations were increasingly directed away from resources and towards the more labour intensive sector of the Australian economy.

Doug Ferguson

Partner in Charge, Asia & International Markets and NSW Chairman

KPMG Australia


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The Chinese Investors in Australia Survey is the first comprehensive poll of the experiences and views of Chinese investors in Australia. The survey provides insights into the perceptions of the Australian investment climate by Chinese investors and the key challenges they feel they face in Australia.

Key insights

  • The search for profitable investments was the primary motivator for Chinese investors.
  • Chinese investors share many common aspiration and views about investing in Australia but recognise they have to do better with local integration activities.
  • Chinese investors are aware of the need to better communicate with their local staff and unions as well as with local media and social organisations.
  • The perceived lack of information about the Australian business environment is of concern since it mirrors a similar view in Australia that too little is known about the Chinese market.

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