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KPMG's response to the Financial System Inquiry Interim Report

KPMG's response to the FSI Interim Report

KPMG welcomed the opportunity to present our final submission to the Financial System Inquiry (FSI) panel.


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Our first submission focused on five themes we considered to be prerequisites for a stable, efficient and competitive financial system that meets the future needs of the Australian economy. We are pleased that these themes were addressed in the Interim Report.

This final submission focused on a selection of key issues that we believe required greater attention.

Key considerations

  • The need to improve our regulatory framework to better balance stability, growth and efficiency.
  • Opportunities to improve operational efficiency within the Australian superannuation system by capitalising on existing regulatory changes and encourage competition and member engagement.
  • The opportunity to provide the Government with guidance on financial system specific tax issues rather than defer to the Tax White Paper process.

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