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Sport, Major Venues & Events


KPMG offers innovative solutions to the sports industry, major events and venues, including business planning, change management and data analytics.

KPMG offers innovative solutions to the sports industry, major events and venues.

The Sport, Major Venues & Events industry is important to Australia’s way of life, collectively delivering significant commercial, economic, health and social benefits to Australian society. It is unique in its ability to develop the skills, deliver the experiences and facilitate the memories that live on in our hearts and minds and enhance our individual and collective lived experience. It is at the forefront of promoting the physical activity that allows us to have healthy and productive lives, of supporting our local economies and jobs through operational and tourism expenditure, of expanding our horizons through new creative and cultural experiences, of supporting collaboration and knowledge sharing, and of bringing communities together to enhance civic pride, social cohesion and overall human and social capital.

  • Sport – We work across the entire sporting landscape including NSOs, SSOs, leagues, clubs, sponsors, suppliers, venues, event owners/promoters, rights holders and governments.
  • Major Venues – Our expertise extends to stadia, community sports facilities, entertainment centres and indoor arenas, convention & exhibition centres, function and event centres, art galleries, museums, performing arts centres, and tourism venues (e.g. theme parks, zoos, national parks, etc.).
  • Events – KPMG has supported some of the world’s largest events, including the Olympic and Paralympics Games, the Commonwealth Games and various sporting world cups and championships.

KPMG’s Sport, Major Venues & Events practice is an international, multi-disciplinary team of industry professionals that brings a unique combination of local and global market leading capabilities and experience to deliver the advice and insights you need.


How we can help

KPMG’s Sport, Major Venues & Events practice provides an extensive range of innovative and tailored services, including:

  • Strategy and business planning
  • Leadership and organisational change/ change management
  • Governance and business/operating models
  • Market sizing, and demand and supply analysis
  • Venue planning, feasibility and business case
  • Program design, management and evaluation
  • Policy advice
  • Social and economic value/impact assessment
  • Revenue diversification/maximisation
  • Membership and fan/member experience
  • Branding and sponsorship
  • Athlete wellbeing
  • Cost optimisation and procurement
  • Data analytics
  • Digital and technology
  • Venue hiring and management agreements
  • Project delivery advisory services
  • Event feasibility, planning and support
  • Tax and audit.