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Power & Utilities

Power & Utilities

KPMG can help energy organisations respond to the challenges facing the power and utilities sector, globally and domestically.

KPMG can help energy organisations respond to challenges in their sector.

The Australian Power & Utilities sectors are facing an unprecedented period of transformation with more anticipated. These sectors are operating in an environment where resources are becoming scarcer due to a growing population, urban densification and climate change customers face increasing cost of living pressure whilst having higher expectations of utilities and a range of different technologies is maturing, converging and forming the next wave to disrupt the sector.

Furthermore, the regulatory landscape is shifting leading to uncertainty, particularly in the energy sector. Businesses need to respond to these forces.

In recent times, KPMG has observed:

  • large scale transformations becoming more dominant across the sector than ever before, with a focus on customer centricity and technology enablement
  • focused investment in data & analytics across the sectors, especially in cognitive automation and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • improved customer experience to be more user-centric and in line with better practice from other leading customer experience industries
  • efficiency being driven towards the delivery of products and services at sustainably low cost methods
  • utilities being proactive to regulatory changes and investment decisions.


How we can help

KPMG’s Global Power & Utilities Group provides services to numerous global power and utilities businesses, state-owned providers, national businesses, services companies and public sector bodies charged with regulating and advocacy within the sector.

The team delivers services and advice covering:

  • traditional audit and tax
  • impacts of changing regulatory arrangements and policies
  • financial advice, due diligence and taxation advice for transactions including investors in the clean energy sector
  • in-depth research on market including sector trends, impact on industries and customers
  • customer-centric operating models
  • business-led transformation enabled by technology including ERP, CRM, EAM systems
  • operational excellence including engineering and asset management enabled by advance data platform and analytics
  • support on large commercial and industrial energy users with energy procurement, including on-site generation.

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