Food, Drink & Consumer Products

Food, Drink & Consumer Products

We help clients in the food and drink sectors and consumer product companies deal with business issues and explore growth opportunities.

KPMG can help clients in the food and drink sectors as well as consumer product companies.

In the challenging food, drink and consumer products sectors, manufacturers and importers are adapting to fast-changing business conditions through innovative product development, new technologies, supply chain enhancements and business acquisitions and divestments.

Creating a strong brand identity, battling for shelf space, leveraging new product categories and growing the customer base are also core concerns for consumer product companies.

Increasingly, successful industry participants acknowledge the role of professional advisers in refining their business strategies and executing their plans. They know that the best advice is based on solid industry experience.

It is why many leading manufacturers make KPMG their business and financial adviser of choice.

How we can help

KPMG’s Food, Drink & Consumer Products group helps clients deal with important business issues, including:

  • exploring new growth opportunities
  • conducting risk assessments
  • performing an external or internal audit
  • complying with ever more stringent food safety rules and regulations
  • overcoming dumping and brand limitations
  • profiting from ‘green’ consumerism
  • satisfying both retailer and consumer expectations
  • reducing costs
  • leveraging data and insights for competitive advantage
  • achieving IT and supply chain efficiencies
  • understanding implications of the government’s climate change initiatives
  • responding to the tax reform agenda

We work with leading clients in the food and drink sectors and consumer product companies covering clothing, textiles, footwear, electrical equipment, personal and household goods, toys and sporting goods.

These clients depend on KPMG to augment their internal capabilities and obtain a fresh, independent perspective on important strategic and operational issues.