Participating fintech startups

Participating fintech startups

Fintech startups participating in KPMG's Mutuals Fintech Accelerator, connecting Australia’s most progressive mutual banks with fintech startups.

These fintechs are working with Mutual banks for KPMG's Mutuals Fintech Accelerator.

Over the course of a 12-week program, the fintech startups below will work closely with the seven selected mutual banks to ideate new solutions, test assumptions and co-create and prototype products and services.

Avoka ( – Accelerates digital customer acquisition and increases business agility for financial services, government, education, and other industries.

Brighte ( – Australia's easiest way to pay 'no interest ever' for home energy and improvements.

Chekk ( – A digital identity startup enabling consumers to own, manage and share their personal data with other individuals and businesses, supporting improved customer experience and interactions.

Cloudcase ( – Omni-Product loan origination software enabling financial institutions to on-board customers and originate any financial product.

DSYNC ( – Enables users to integrate both cloud and on premise applications together with free data mapping and out of the box connectors to synchronise website, point of sale, inventory, ERP, CMS, loyalty, email and finance systems together.

Easyshare ( – A secure, online platform designed to simplify the payment of shared house, residential and commercial rent, bills and expenses.

Edstart ( – Provides a simple, low-cost financing solution, leveraging the latest technology to deliver a service to customers which is both easier to use and lower cost than traditional finance providers.

Flamingo ( – Provides SaaS platforms that assist companies with complex products to sell more online and to onboard and retainer customers.

Moneycatcha ( – A loan origination solution that is built on the Blockchain, delivering significant competitive advantage through improvements to speed, efficiency and security.

Moroku ( – Operates at the intersection of mobile, gaming and social to create engaging banking and payment experiences that promote customer learning and brand loyalty.

Pocketbook ( – a free budget planner that makes managing personal finance ridiculously simple.

Simplekyc ( – Hassle free, business process management solution for both large and small entities that greatly reduces the man hours involved in on-boarding new customers.

Spriggy ( – Builds important money habits with prepaid cards and a purpose-built mobile app to teach 8—18 year olds vital earning, saving and spending skills with real world practice.