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Peter Robinson

Peter F Robinson

Partner, Management Consulting

KPMG Australia

Peter is a Partner within the Management Consulting team of KPMG and leads the Defence Account on behalf of the firm. He has deep knowledge and experience of working in Defence and industry, with a specific focus on aviation operations and training, including time as a Hornet pilot at 77 Squadron, RAAF.

Peter has led a range of KPMG projects including a procurement PMO within CIOG, a maintenance efficiency review of PC9 sustainment, corporate aircraft costings analysis for Westfield and procurement strategy development for the new Icebreaker vessel for the Department of the Environment.

Prior to joining KPMG Peter ran KBR’s Defence & Government Services Operations in the Asia-Pacific region. Peter also spent time as a BAES training consultant in the UK on the Hawk Mk 127 Lead-in-Fighter program, a Client Director for the KAZ Group (a Telstra subsidiary) and Business Development Manager at DWS Advanced Business Solutions, an IT engineering consulting company.

Areas of expertise
Advisory Aerospace and Defense Customer and Growth Defense equipment acquistion and procurement Government and Public Sector Management Consulting Procurement transformation Sales transformation Strategy and Operations Transformation
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