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Claims careers


Careers for graduates: learn about working with a broad range of large financial institutions, corporate clients and government agencies.

Careers for graduates: learn about working with a broad range of financial institutions.

Grad careers: Insurance Claims & Workplace Health

In a nutshell, what does your business group/service line do?

The Claims team work with a broad range of large financial institutions, corporate clients and government agencies. The team specialises in identification and analysis of a problem, then developing and helping to implement solutions to benefit our customers.

The team works across various areas, such as assisting clients to maintain compliance with their regulatory obligations, supporting them with improvement initiatives across operations, health and well-being, and organisational engagement. The role of our team is to assist our clients to perform effectively and meet their operational and financial objectives.

The team operates at multiple levels, providing regulators and government agencies, with independent reviews and recommendations on such areas as:

  • analysis of industry trends and performance, operational performance, and insurance strategies and workplace health practices
  • assist in the development and implementation of health initiatives, including mental well-being, which are aimed at increasing awareness and prevention, reducing prevalence, increasing positive engagement of the workforce and improving the management of insurance claims for those living with incapacitating conditions
  • review operating models and identify industry better-practice based on national and international research.

At an organisational level, we:

  • conduct objective analysis – ensuring compliance with internal and external controls, evaluating the effectiveness of quality controls
  • identify opportunities for improvement by reviewing organisational structures, product design and assessing the operational effectiveness of the relevant departments
  • provide resources to our clients helping them deliver on their claims operations commitments (secondments and fixed-term contracts)
  • assist in the management and implementation of schemes aimed to increase the health and well-being, and subsequently, productivity of the workforce
  • develop and deliver bespoke and standardised training programs in various areas of claims and health management.

At an individual level, we develop people within organisations (leaders and claims professionals) through the:

  • delivery of evidence-based case management training tailored to the claims environment
  • delivery of mental health training and other initiatives
  • delivery of coaching and supervision.

Our clients include insurers and reinsurers in the life, workers compensation, superannuation, motor accident and general sectors, government agencies, and private corporations.

What does the average day look like?

An average day in the Claims team is varied. Depending on the project, you could find yourself:

  • developing and delivering training
  • doing research that informs best-practice (national and international)
  • developing marketing material and go-to-market initiatives to help win new business
  • visiting client offices in Melbourne and Sydney to undertake claim file reviews and policy & procedures reviews
  • undertaking claims activities that support clients to manage their operations or administration
  • developing your network and connections within the industry as well as new business opportunities.

What will I learn in the first year?

Through both on-the-job experience and mentoring, you can expect to learn several skills across the development, execution, and finalisation phases of our jobs.


  • What goes into developing marketing material and ‘go-to-market’ opportunities.
  • The critical thinking skills and approaches to developing workflow documents and reporting trackers.
  • Professional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Professional reporting structures.


  • What goes into completing a job successfully, on time and on budget.
  • Managing time constraints while ensuring high-quality work.
  • Working across multiple jobs and gaining exposure to many different approaches to successful execution.


  • What goes into successfully completing a job.
  • Ensuring all works are completed to a high standard (including quality checking).
  • Insights into reporting and reviewing requirements.
  • Delivery of final product to clients.

What’s the best part of the role?

In this role, you are always doing something different. You will have the opportunity to work on very different projects and with many different people (both inside and outside of KPMG). Through this, you will be challenged by complex problems and tight timelines, but will quickly build your exposure across an extensive number of areas, increase your networks, and be exposed to rewarding and fulfilling opportunities, whilst being supported by a highly skilled, experienced and professional team.

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