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Engineering (Defence & National Security) careers

Engineering (Defence & National Security)

Careers for graduates: learn about Engineering Advisory, military equipment specialists.

Careers for graduates: learn about Engineering Advisory, military equipment specialists.

In a nutshell, what does your business group/service line do?

Engineering Advisory is focused on supporting the Australian Department of Defence in the acquisition and sustainment, including maintenance, of its specialist military equipment – aircraft, ships, vehicles, weapons, sensors etc. We apply a Systems Engineering lifecycle approach which aims to de risk acquisition and sustainment activities, and ultimately improve safety and value for money.

The engineering capability as a service offering to the Department of Defence, is a recent investment for KPMG – which means that the team has been specifically recruited to drive innovative approaches for our client. The team ranges from junior team members with 1-2 years’ experience post university, to senior engineers who have worked in the field for more than 30 years.

What does the average day look like?

There is no average day in Engineering Advisory. Our team regularly have the opportunity to work at the client site alongside the Department of Defence employees. We work hard to understand what our client needs and help them develop detailed requirements. We expect our staff to apply their understanding of engineering, particularly systems engineering, to advise our client and help them to deliver capability to the Australian Defence Organisation.

Our engineers often assist Defence by evaluating tender responses. They’ll assure compliance with requirements of the contract by participating in design reviews, technical audits and verification/validation activities (including test and evaluation). Defence also requires support in the specification and verification of the asset management (sustainment) systems.

In addition to client work, our team members are involved in growing our capability through professional development and thought leading Communities of Practice. We invest in our team to develop both core consulting skills, and to deepen their engineering capability.

What will I learn in the first year?

In your first year, you’ll have the opportunity to work on 3-4 different engagements with our clients and learn how to provide effective engineering support and advice. You’ll deliver support across a mix of general management consulting and engineering advisory projects, and will get involved in major Defence capability projects. Out of this, you’ll develop your core consulting skills to and build on your technical capabilities. As a new starter, you’ll be provided with training to improve your consulting skills. We’ll teach you how to build and deliver compelling, innovative client solutions. We also help our graduates strengthen relationships with clients.

What’s the best part of the role?

Being part of a cross-functional team aimed at delivering a quality outcome for the client. As an engineering graduate, you’ll work in a variety of different teams. You can work within in areas such as change or project management. With the supervision of senior engineers, you’ll be responsible for providing core engineering advice to the team lead and the client.

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