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Data & Analytics careers

Data Analytics

Careers for graduates: learn how Data & Analytics can help make sense of big data.

Careers for graduates: learn how Data & Analytics can help make sense of big data.

Grad careers: Data & Analytics

In a nutshell, what does your business group/service line do?

The Data & Analytics team helps clients make sense of their ever increasing amounts of data. We assist them in becoming more data-driven so they can improve the way they make decisions across their organisation and drive growth.

Our team is a high-performing and diverse group of people with a broad range of educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds. It includes IT experts, PhDs, finance professionals, statisticians, marketers, engineers and business consultants. We use a variety of exciting and emerging technologies and analytical tools to deliver value to our clients.

What does the average day look like?

The average day would either start by heading to the KPMG office or heading to one of the high profile client organisations we work with. Your day would usually involve meetings with clients to understand their business and the issues they face typically lining back to data. You would typically understand varying types and varying levels of sophistication to find new insights and test hypotheses. These complex datasets are often converted to visualisations to more powerfully communicate trends, correlations, and make comparisons. And occasionally, you might do some work on an internal project to build an exciting and innovative new data-driven solution.

What will I learn in the first year?

You’ll learn how data underpins every organisation and how it can be utilised to make better decisions to drive growth and efficiency, reduce risk, and improve the customer experience. You’ll be exposed to many of the challenges faced by organisations and how they manage and utilise their data as well as what steps they can take to improve. You’ll learn the best techniques and tools to analyse and visualise data. You’ll also acquire important people and business skills such as interviewing, presentation skills, talking to clients, problem solving, and the use of storytelling to bring our clients on a journey.

What’s the best part of the role?

Working in the Data & Analytics team at KPMG is a fast-paced and rewarding experience. Any two days are rarely the same. In this fast-growing team, the work can take various different forms – from developing interactive dashboards and visualisations, to analysing a client’s data to reveal insights, or creating a roadmap for a client’s data analytics strategy and how they can achieve it.

Overall, the best part of the role is being able to work in an exciting and emerging area on interesting client problems and following through from conceptualising a solution to the tangible implementation for a client.