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Internal Audit – an eye on the future

Internal Audit – an eye on the future

KPMG explores how Internal Audit brings powerful vision to organisations, uncovering risks and preparing them for the challenging landscape ahead.

This series explores the reach of Internal Audit to uncover issues and provide an edge.

Internal Audit is a secret weapon that organisations can engage with to delve deep into their operations, people, finances and industry to uncover any potential risks that could impact the success of a strategy. As companies surge into a competitive, digital and global landscape, Internal Audit can see a true picture of a company’s risk status, helping leadership to make informed decisions and gain an edge.

In this comprehensive series of articles, KPMG has explored every aspect of Internal Audit, from how it can get deep into a company’s culture, to how it identifies emerging risks, can define improvements in operational efficiency and costs, and engage with powerful data and analytics to reach deep and wide across an organisation to uncover issues that must be addressed.

In a future filled with uncertainty, whether that be sector disruption, changes to the economy or new technology and automation capabilities, Internal Audit can bring vision, insight and knowledge to organisations to help them ensure their strategy is fulfilled.