Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity

KPMG has an ingrained culture of inclusion and diversity, focusing on shared values, experiences and aspirations.

KPMG has a culture of inclusion & diversity, shared values, experiences and aspirations.

KPMG Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion is at the heart of our values at KPMG. It’s about representing everyone, regardless of gender, cultural background, sexual orientation, age or any other characteristic. It’s about giving everyone access to the same opportunities to thrive, be their best and feel empowered to bring their whole selves to work.

Our work towards gender equality continues to focus on the representation of women in leadership, providing recognition for all who identify outside of the gender binary, and to drive support for our LGBTQ+ community. We are committed to strong, culturally diverse leadership, and to building our disability competence.

Inclusion is not just the right thing to do – it makes good business sense too. With inclusion comes diversity of thought, enabling us to provide innovative solutions and creative ideas to deliver the best outcomes. By playing our part, we make KPMG a truly inclusive place to work, one where we can reach our full potential and build personal and professional success, together.

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There is no 'one size fits all' approach to working. We recognise that everyone’s work preferences, roles and needs change over time, and will be influenced by life outside work. KPMG has proven that we can adapt to achieve the best outcomes for ourselves, each other, our clients, and communities. We encourage people to work across our three ‘hubs’ – Office, Client and Home.

Cultural diversity

We believe in a workplace where everyone feels like they belong, one that provides a sense of inclusion across the entire organisation regardless of background or culture.

Our cultural leave allows individuals to swap an existing public holiday with a different day that’s more relevant to their beliefs and traditions.

Active networks across KPMG include:

  • the Belong network, providing a safe space for culturally diverse employees to engage in conversation, celebrate events and drive positive change across the firm
  • Asian Female Leaders (AFL) network, which holds regular events where members can share.

At a leadership level, we have implemented a 20 percent cultural diversity target which recognises the need to have cultural diversity within our partners. This target is designed to create a leadership population that is culturally diverse and reflects our commitment to clients and community.

Indigenous inclusion

KPMG has a long and proud history of working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities. In 2009, our first Reconciliation Action Plan was launched, and our third ‘Elevate’ Reconciliation Action Plan will launch later in 2021.

By building a culturally safe and informed workplace, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues can build their careers through opportunities such as the Emerging Indigenous Executive Leader's Program.

We commit to inspiring and supporting future Indigenous talent through our Indigenous Tertiary Scholarships in selected Universities. Through the CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship Program, we provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander University students with paid Internship opportunities within the firm.

The KPMG Indigenous Network (KIN) provides a safe space where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues meet regularly to connect, share and celebrate. A diverse and welcoming group with representation across geographies, staff levels and divisions, the KIN provides input into policies and strategic documents that will impact Indigenous peoples and communities.

Gender equality

Progress towards gender equality and KPMG’s commitment to driving change is demonstrated by CEO Andrew Yates and his sponsorship of this key pillar of work. Along with his participation in the Champions of Change Coalition group, we are striving to achieve a gender inclusive environment that is not only fair but has a significant impact on our organisation’s success and engagement.

Our commitment to gender equality is guided by annual reporting to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). In 2020, KPMG received the Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOGCE) for the 13th consecutive year – a great reminder that we are on the right track but there’s always more to do.

To improve gender balance in senior roles, in July 2020 we launched our target to have 40 percent women in partnership by 2025. Underpinning this target is the principle of 40:40:20, which enables us to include those who identify outside the binary.

Family & caring

KPMG recognises the importance of family and the various caring responsibilities our people have.

We offer 26 weeks of flexible paid parental leave regardless of gender, and with no tenure-based requirements. Parental leave can be taken within the first 24 months of the child’s arrival, inclusive of adoption, surrogacy, and foster care. Flexible, paid parental leave gives our people an opportunity to balance their work and parental care in a family-friendly way.

Our partnership with Parents at Work provides support, resources and tools to guide our people through their work-life integration as a parent or carer.

In June 2021, KPMG was accredited as a Family Friendly Workplace in recognition of our equal opportunity policies and as demonstrated in our workplace.

People with disability

KPMG is committed to achieving a barrier-free workplace for people with a disability and to ensuring that we extend to everyone opportunities to thrive and be embraced in the workplace. We recognise that this is integral to our commitment towards building a culture of inclusion that enables people to bring their whole and authentic selves every day to our home, office, and client sites.

Our Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) is the foundation of this commitment. Our employees’ lived experiences and reflections helped to shape the direction and goals reflected in our 3-year plan. We outline how we will achieve disability inclusion and awareness across our team members, partners, clients, and stakeholders.

KPMG’s Disability network is an active team of engaged and passionate advocates who work to increase the visibility of disability, and inclusive leadership, across the firm. Our Partner Sponsor and leaders are committed to advocating and creating positive change.

LGBTQ+ inclusion

At KPMG we work hard to ensure our culture enables everyone to reach their full potential regardless of gender or sexuality.

Pride@KPMG is our employee network for LGBTQ+ employees and allies and it has been going strong for over 10 years.

The network provides opportunities for LGBTQ+ people and allies to connect through regular events including IDAHOBIT, Wear it Purple and Mardi Gras, and through fundraising activities for community organisations such as Black Rainbow, Wear it Purple and Pinnacle Foundation. To build awareness and capability across the firm, the network hosts educational panel events and training sessions.

Through the Pride for Women initiative, Pride@KPMG is committed to raising the visibility of LGBTQ+ women, and our Trans and Gender Diverse Network is committed to creating better workplace support for trans and gender diverse people.

Leading with Pride is KPMG’s LGBTQ+ Talent development program available to Managers and above who identify as LGBTQ+. The 6-month program focuses on providing authentic leadership skills to help create the LGBTQ+ KPMG leaders of tomorrow.

Safe, inclusive, and supportive workplaces are underpinned by policy. KPMG’s policies, including parental leave policy, anti-discrimination policies, dress codes, are open to everyone, and we proudly offer a Gender Affirmation Policy that includes support and access to special paid leave.

KPMG is a founding member of ACON’s Pride in Diversity program and for many years, has participated in the Australian Workplace Equality Index, a benchmarking tool for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace. In 2021, KPMG was awarded Gold Employer tier in the AWEI, and Pride@KPMG was the co-winner of Network of the Year. In 2018, KPMG received Bronze recognition. KPMG Australia has also pledged support for Australian Marriage Equality.

Australian LGBTQ Inclusion Awards 2021 – AWEI Gold employer
Australian LGBTQ Inclusion Awards 2021 – AWEI Employee Network of the Year