Customer experience - the basic understanding of placing customers at the centre of all actions and offering them positive experiences - is already more important in some industries than other purchasing factors such as quality or price.

  • ÖAMTC, Swarovski, HOFER and Erste Bank deliver the best customer experiences.
  • Around 2,400 Austrians were asked about their experiences with brands and companies.
  • Employees are decisive for the customer experience.

These are the findings of the latest KPMG report "What inspires clients. Customer Experience Excellence".

The majority of CEOs are of the opinion that they already deliver special experiences. However, customer perception is not always the same, says Werner Girth, Partner at KPMG in the Management Consulting division. "At present, many companies are not yet able to offer their customers an emotionally binding experience.

The winners in Austria

KPMG interviewed around 2,400 Austrians about their experiences with companies. According to the participants, ÖAMTC, Swarovski, HOFER and Erste Bank provide the best customer experience.

KPMG partner Werner Girth explains what the winners have in common: "The top-ranked companies are fully geared to their customers. The employees are friendly and committed, the processes function smoothly and the range of services is constantly being developed.

Employees create experiences

The results of the report clearly show that the employees are mostly decisive for the customer experience. Thirteen of the top fifteen top companies received high ratings for their friendly and customer-focused staff. Although these companies also have efficient digital channels, for Austrian customers it is the employees who offer them the experience.

In addition, the results of the survey also indicate that the management of customer expectations has a major influence on satisfaction. The companies with the best ratings clearly tell their customers what they can expect from their products and services. If communicated clearly, Austrian consumers also have the feeling that their personal needs are being met.

About the report "What inspires customers"

As part of the KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Report, around 2,400 Austrian consumers revealed their experiences with brands and companies in May 2018. The basic requirement was that they had had contact with the respective brand or company in the past six months.

The study scheme is based on years of experience of the KPMG Experience Excellence Center. In order to develop a basic understanding of why customers choose a brand or company, KPMG Nunwood defined six fundamental components: "The Six Pillars of Customer Experience Excellence". These six pillars of customer experience - personalization, time & effort, expectation, integrity, troubleshooting, and empathy - have emerged from years of research and more than two million evaluations across markets and industries worldwide. This makes the customer experience identifiable and measurable, and many customers have also shared their personal experiences. The open question encouraged customers to reveal more about their experiences with companies. The report is thus based on quantitative data and customer comments.

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