The year of contradictions

As the year 2020 proves to be „the year of contradictions“, the field of cyber security is experiencing a wide gap between perception and reality. Although our cyber security study shows that Austrian companies are better prepared against cyber attacks, there is yet much to be done, as digitalization requires new ways of thinking, new actions and new strategies from everyone.

Key Findings

The most important figures at a glance:

Attack out
of nowhere


of companies have been victims of a cyber attack in the last 12 months

with danger


cannot quantify the financial damage after an attack



trust the security measures of their suppliers and service providers

the current


would partially reverse digitization

The acceptance of the unavoidable

An important fact must be made common knowledge in Austrian companies: cyber security cannot guarantee absolute security. Rather, the role of cyber security must be redefined: as a synergy-creating element in creating, maintaining and guaranteeing the actual function of
the company, even when the unexpected happens. Companies must therefore become more resistant to cyber attacks through and through. On the one hand, they must protect themselves against attacks, and on the other hand, they must remain operational and functional in case of an attack. Companies need the ability of cyber resilience: to deliver continuous performance despite adverse conditions.